Industrial Monitors

An industrial monitor is a rugged, reliable, and long-lasting display device engineered for industrial environments.

Unlike consumer displays that offer basic weatherproofing and minor shock-proof features, industrial monitors take durability to another level.

They are designed to withstand harsh conditions in industrial and commercial applications.


Industrial monitors play a crucial role in manufacturing processes, providing real-time monitoring and control capabilities.They contribute to quality control, process optimization, and efficiency in production lines.For instance, they are used in human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and user interfaces (UIs) in smart factories.These monitors provide real-time data and facilitate seamless communication between different departments.

Oil & Gas

Industrial monitors are used in control rooms and play a crucial role in pipeline and zone operations in the oil and gas industry. They serve as vital monitoring equipment, providing real-time data and facilitating seamless communication between different departments.


Industrial monitors have revolutionized tasks carried out on mine sites, enhancing both efficiency and safety.They provide the visual interface through which operators manage complex processes.


In logistics, industrial monitors are mainly found in warehouses. They serve as forklift terminals and are attached to forklifts. These monitors then serve as compact on-board computers.

Enclosure for Industrial Monitors

  1. Panel Mount: Panel mount monitors are designed to be integrated into a panel or enclosure. They are commonly used in various industries such as industrial automation, transportation, medical equipment, and aerospace. The panel mount design is useful when the monitor needs to be flush with the surface of the control panel or machine.
  2. Rack Mount: Rack mount monitors are designed for standard EIA 19" racks. They are typically used in server rooms and other environments where space conservation is important. The rack mount design is useful when multiple devices need to be organized in a compact and secure manner.
  3. Open Frame: Open frame monitors are a type of display designed for use in industrial applications where the monitor needs to be integrated into a custom enclosure or mounting system. They lack an outer casing or bezel, making them ideal for spatially limited scenarios. The open frame design is useful when the monitor needs to be embedded into a larger system or custom enclosure.

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