Medical Displays & Touch Screens

A medical display is a specialized monitor designed to meet the high demands of medical imaging.They are used in various specialties, including radiology, breast imaging, surgery, digital pathology, and dentistry.These displays are integral to modern healthcare, providing clear and accurate visualization of diagnostic images.

Patient Monitoring Devices

These devices use medical displays to provide real-time tracking of a patient’s vital signs.

Surgical Devices

In surgical devices, medical displays provide a clear view of the surgical site, supporting intricate, visually intensive procedures.

Clinical Review

Clinical review monitors are included in workstations for non-radiology physicians and radiologic technologists.They are used episodically, in bursts rather than continuously.

Features of Medical Monitors

Medical displays come with specific features to cater to the unique needs of healthcare settings. Here are some key features:

  1. Resolution and Pixel Density: Medical displays require a higher resolution than typical monitors due to the importance of having an accurate picture. The pixel density, which is often measured in pixels per inch, is also crucial for the precise work of medical displays.
  2. Color Accuracy: High-quality medical displays aim to depict the surgical site as accurately as possible. This includes ensuring that the colors displayed are appropriate and calibrated.
  3. Brightness and Contrast: Medical displays ensure consistent brightness over the lifetime of the display. They can go to 1,000 cd/m² or more, and their luminance output remains steady over time.
  4. Ergonomic Reading: Some medical displays come with built-in features to control ambient lighting or boost display brightness. They are often larger, allowing you to view an image in full on a single screen, without the need to pan or zoom.
  5. Compliance with Medical Standards: Medical displays usually come with special image-enhancing technologies and automated compliance with DICOM and other medical standards.

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